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Amino acids are mainly used in medicine to prepare compound amino acid infusions

Amino acids are mainly used in medicine to prepare compound amino acid infusions, as well as therapeutic drugs and synthetic polypeptide drugs. There are a hundred kinds of amino acids used as drugs, including 20 kinds of amino acids constituting proteins and 100 kinds of non-protein amino acids.

The compound preparation made up of various amino acids plays an important role in modern intravenous nutrition infusion and "elemental diet" therapy. It plays a positive role in maintaining the nutrition of critical patients and saving the lives of patients. It has become an indispensable medicine variety in modern medical treatment. one.

Amino acids such as glutamic acid, arginine, aspartic acid, cystine, and L-dopa act alone to treat some diseases. They are mainly used for the treatment of liver diseases, digestive diseases, encephalopathy, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, and To improve muscle activity, pediatric nutrition and detoxification. In addition, amino acid derivatives have shown promise in the treatment of cancer.

Amino acids are the most basic substances that constitute living organism proteins and are related to life activities. They are the basic units that constitute protein molecules in living organisms and have a close relationship with biological life activities. It has special physiological functions in antibodies and is one of the indispensable nutrients in organisms.